George F. Linstead

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Centenary 2008

The following is a list of events held in 2008 onwards to mark the centenary of the composer’s birth.


October 24th Web page opened, publication of ‘The Life and Works of George Frederick Linstead (1908-1974) - A  Centenary  Tribute’  by  Christopher  Powell.  

October 28th 3.00 pm First Performance of ‘The Cornerstone’ in St John’s Abbey Vale, Sheffield—arrangement for male choir of GFL’s anthem ‘Thus Saith the Lord God’ by Chris Powell.


January 24th Centenary of the composer’s birth. Commemorative articles in "Sheffield Telegraph" and "Sheffield Evening Star."

February 11th


Lecture: "Dr George F Linstead (1908 - 1974), "a centenary tribute to a Sheffield composer", given by Christopher Powell, and accompanied by a recital of a few of the composer's works by Leo Nicholson.  University of Sheffield  Dept of Music. 


March 9th 

Further performance of "The Cornerstone" at St John's Church, Ranmoor, Sheffield.

October 2008

Centenary Concert: Thursday 30th October 2008, 1.10pm, University of Sheffield Drama Studio, Broomhill, Sheffield.


Two Piano Pieces (Une Brioche, Le Babil), Viola Rhapsody, Two Songs (Adieu, a Heart Warm Felt Adieu (Burns), The Journeyman (Alun Lewis), Violin Sonata, Foor Moods for Piano (Aubade, Night Piece, Pas de Chien, Blue Willow), Viola Rhapsody (Reprise).

Artistes: Shulah Oliver (Violin and Viola), Leo Nicholson (Piano), Stewart Campbell (Tenor).



22nd October

Release of a new CD, "The British Quartet" with works by George Linstead, David Beck and Derek Bourgeois. Released on ASC Records, Catalogue Number: asc cd 113.

This new CD featuring the New World Quartet led by Andy Long is a continuation of the series of premiers by British composers and is available from October 22nd at www. Cost £10 including postage and packing.

The CD contains Linstead's third String Quartet in three movements : Allegro - Andante - Allegro Molto.

Shulah Oliver, Leo Nicholson & Stewart Campbell at the centenary concert