George F. Linstead

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The following  works are available mostly as midi files. They may be freely downloaded for personal use but may not be copied or used for commercial purposes. Click on the appropriate file reference to download.


Orchestral: "Doveridge"

Chamber: Trio for Oboe Clarinet & Bassoon

Canzonet for Oboe and Piano

Rhapsody for Viola and Piano

Organ: "Incarnatus"

Piano: "Le Babil"

Piano: "Une Brioche"

Piano: "Eine Kleine Jazzmuzik"

Piano: "Sunday Afternoon"

Choral Sacred: "Thus Saith the Lord God"

"Thus Saith the Lord God" WILL open in Windows Media PLayer. After clicking on the link, close any window indicating that Media Player cannot locate the file and click the start button to commence playing.